How the Chicago History Museum got the first 'L' car inside

The simple answer: Very carefully, as shown in this video.

Hat tip to Chicagoist.


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  • I was really disappointed the last time I went to the History Museum and the 'L' car exhibit was closed.

  • That video was worthless!
    We never get to see the L car.

  • They have pictures on their website and in flickr

  • Extremely old news.

  • In reply to jack:

    Agreed - it's not news. This is just an interesting little video factoid about car #1 and its move to CHM. I go to the Trib or the BGA site for news; I come to CTA Tattler for info, updates, insights about the CTA.

    Many of us know about Car #1, its history and move to new home, but it's interesting to see a little reminder of the hours (and months) of preparation for the move. And for those Tattler readers who aren't experts in all things CTA, it might even be new to them.

    So, thanks, Kevin, for the CTA trivia.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    And I thank you. district....

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