Details on Red Purple Modernization without station consolidation

Here are the details on Modernization without Consolidation

This is the new alternative, no doubt a reaction to a big outcry from Rogers Park residents who oppose the closing of the Jarvis station.

On the Purple Line (see map in gallery):

  • Three new auxiliary entrances would be added at Church (Davis), Greenwood (Dempster), and Madison (Main).
  • 16 of 20 slow curves would be straightened.
  • New stations with elevators and wider platforms.
  • A three-minute improvement in speed from Linden to Howard.
  • Eight-car trains would serve all stations.

On the Red Line (see map in gallery):

  • Five new auxiliary entrances would be added at Paulina (Howard) Greenview (Jarvis), Hollywood (Bryn Mawr), Sunnyside (Wilson), Sheridan (new Irving Park station).
  • New transfer station at Loyola. A transfer station is scheduled to be built under current plans to rebuild the Wilson station.
  • Ten cars would serve the stations.
  • The trip from Howard to Belmont would be cut by 6.5 minutes to 19 minutes.
  • 16 of 20 slow curves would be straightened.
  • A “flyover” for the Brown Line would be built at the Clark Junction.


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  • Note that the curve at the Sheridan station is cut dramatically. I wonder how many homes will have to go to accomplish that?

    Also, the kink between Wilson and Sheridan is gone.

  • In reply to Kevin O’Neil:

    I would guess that everything fronting Irving Park between Sheridan and Seminary is toast as well as the big courtyard building on the SW corner of Irving and Kenmore.

    Hopefully they seek to make as minimal an impact as possible and dont start acquiring property simply for construction staging.

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