CTA board OKs $57 million "facelift" on 7 north Red Line stations

The CTA board on Wednesday approved a $57.4 million contract for a “facelift” at seven stations on the north end of the Red Line within the next year. CTA Tattler reported this story exclusively last week, with one big change from the original request for proposals: Berwyn will get the upgrade, not Bryn Mawr.

The CTA stressed this project is not part of the Red Purple Modernization project, which is currently in early planning stages. Ironically, one of the plans in the RPM project calls for closing three of the stations slated for a facelift – Jarvis, Thorndale and Lawrence. The other stations are Morse, Granville, Berwyn and Argyle.

Elements of the facelift include viaduct repairs, platform repairs or replacement, station water proofing, lighting improvements and new station house finishes. No elevators will be installed.

Stations will close for up to six weeks, but no two adjacent stations will be closed at the same time. Services reroutes and track closures will occur overnight and on weekends. The CTA expects to have the work completed at all stations by early next year.

Funding for the station rehabilitation project is from the Federal Transportation Administration (FTA) and is part of the $1 billion Red Line investment project. That $1 billion capital investment is a combination of state, local and federal funds, which will support other Red Line projects including: track and station renewal along the Dan Ryan branch; the rebuilding of the Clark/Division and Wilson stations; and several other track, substation and station renewal projects along the North Main Line branch.


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  • I seem to recall most if not all these stations received new roofs, platform lighting, stairwell enclosures, new red tiles on the stairs and other improvements a few years back. Also, the Berwyn stop had a renovation of the interior of the station house a couple years ago which included a new drop ceiling and lightning and it looks FAR better than Bryn Mawr. Not sure why they aren't touching Bryn Mawr now. It's in bad shape. The wall tiles along the escalator fell down years ago and the wall is a filthy ugly mess and has had zero attention for years. It's a disgrace.

    Anyways, I'd much rather the $50+ million be nearly entirely spend on stabilizing the viaducts and removing all the slow zones than another coat of white paint and replacing station doors, etc. Before we know it the slow zones are going to be continous from Howard to Belmont, 15mph, if they don't touch the tracks and ties until the full rehab which will likely be 10 years away or more. Not good.

  • In reply to Matt:

    I agree that Bryn Mawr is in far worse shape than Berwyn. This last minute change is surprising. The biggest problem at Bryn Mawr isn't the station itself, but the southbound Red Line tracks. They're sinking and shifting at an alarming rate. Despite the 15mph slow zone, trains come close to clipping the platform on arrival. In some areas, the tracks have sunk so low that the car floor is nearly a foot lower than the platform.

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