Need heat on CTA platform? Press the right button

Here’s a CTA sign for people unclear on the concept. Methinks the CTA attendant has been called a few times when all riders wanted was heat. CTA Tattler photo / Morse Avenue platform on Red Line.


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  • Oh you people are so superstitious. It's just this little chromium switch here... FST

  • In reply to symes4u:

    1. I don't understand your comment as it makes no sense.

    2. If the CTA used common sense [yes, I know, that's an impossibility] the customer assistant button wouldn't be next to the shelter with heat.
    It would look different & be in a different location.
    The design also makes it possible for some to just lean against it & trigger it.

  • In reply to ScooterLibbby:

    1. It's a joke: a line from the Firesign Theatre. masters of surreal audio comedy

    2. Agree about the design point. Heck, I admit to having absently and unintentionally pushed the alarm button instead of the elevator call button because they're positioned in line with each other like typical up and down elevator call buttons.

  • In reply to CCWriter:

    Supposedly satirical comments must be understandable to the majority of readers.
    That one failed miserably!

  • Speaking of heat, it was just reported that someone was packing it and someone else get shot outside the Howard station (gotta love the Tribune, especially the expression "in the 1600 block of West Howard Avenue, police said. They initially believed the shooting happened in the 7500 block of North Paulina Street" like that makes any difference), as well as someone getting their iPhone heisted at the Apple Store station (bit of irony there).

    So, the year starts off with "safe" transit.

    I'm sure that if it ever gets to -5 degrees, someone will figure out where the heat button is, and the attendant won't be leaving the station enclosure.

  • fb_avatar

    It's not like anyone response to the customer assistant button calls anyhow. In all my years, I have NEVER EVER seen a CTA employee make his/her way to the platform when the button was pushed. NEVER !!

  • In reply to Tom Meyer:

    @ Tom and I'm sure if you already knew that 99.999% of the time it's some one trying to be funny and in no read need of assistance, you wouldn't either. Not saying it's right not to, because you never know...but I suppose some folks get numb to it after a while.

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