Ex-CTA boss Kruesi now herds goats, makes cheese

No folks, I don’t make this stuff up.

Former CTA President Frank Kruesi and his wife Barbara have retired to North Carolina and are herding goats, chickens and making cheese. Kruesi also is sporting a full beard and pony tail.

Read the fascinating report by Crain’s Greg Hinz. And insert cheap shot below.


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  • At least they didn't say that Asheville Transit offered him a job, or hired him as a lobbyist for a tax increase.

    Goat cheese may be an improvement. America's Test Kitchen says not to buy Greek-named domestic feta, because it usually is made with cow's milk. Of course, going to the local ethnic market, I am not sure about the difference between Greek feta, Bulgarian feta, Israeli feta, etc.

    So what is Claypool going to farm? Water buffalo mozzarella? He'll have problems managing the droppings.

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