CTA news and notes: Link-Up pass rate hike; CTA worker retires after 59 years

Catching up on CTA news from the last few days:

Higher cost for Metra-CTA  Link-Up pass: The CTA last week raised the price of the Metra Link-Up pass by $6 to $45 a month from $39. The Link-Up pass is available only to Metra monthly pass holders. It can be used for unlimited travel on the CTA from 6 to 9:30 a.m. and 3:30 to 7 p.m. weekdays, and on Pace at any time. This price increase comes on top of the hefty Metra fare hikes set to go into effect Feb. 1.

CTA employees retires after 59 years of service. Mary Lyall, a recently retired CTA payroll processing clerk, earned the President’s Commendation last week for 59 years of service to the agency. Lyall joined the CTA in 1952, when the CTA operated red streetcars and wooden ‘L’ cars. Her supervisor described her as a dedicated professional who “lived and breathed the CTA.” Congrats, Mary!

How the CTA prepares for bad winter weather. It seems like the CTA survived last week heavy snowfall without too much trouble. The agency wants you to know exactly how it prepares for adverse winter weather conditions. Learn how here.


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  • The NY Times weighed in on transit seat width yesterday.
    The seats there were 17.5" wide, while the people ranged from 13" to 23" wide.

  • Some CTA centric revisionism here:

    1.It isn't clear that CTA raised the pass. The articles, such as the Tribune one, refer to "new agreements" where CTA gets 85% of the revenue and Pace 15% (which does sound fair and fare) but CTA "raising the pass" would be inconsistent with the later statement in the Tribune article "The CTA is holding the line on fares in 2012, unless ongoing negotiations with its unions to produce $80 million in work-rule changes and other cost savings fail to achieve the results sought by CTA management."

    Of course, there is the usual lack of transparency in this area, in that it isn't said who raised the pass, and, of course, no indication that the RTA, which doesn't have the power to set fares, had any part in this.

    2. "Last week's heavy snowfall." Didn't we get something like 20 inches last Feb.? CTA didn't survive that. So, now 5" is considered "heavy." I'm not expecting people to remember 1967.

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