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CTA issues explanation of Red Line service disruption Monday night

The CTA has taken the somewhat unusual step to issue a public statement about what happened during Monday night’s rush hour when Red and Purple Line service was suspended between Berwyn and Addison due to “police activity” at a building directly opposite the L embankment just north of the Wilson stop. Read the statement. In... Read more »

CTA Tattler's Holiday Train outing is this Saturday - Join us!

Mark your calendars and set your clock alarms for 4:30 p.m. this Saturday. That’s when we’ll embark on our fourth annual CTA Tattler Holiday Train outing. This year we’ll ride the Blue Line. Our starting point will be the Jackson subway stop of the Blue Line at about 4:30 p.m. on Saturday, which is when... Read more »

Police err on side of caution in shutting CTA's Red, Purple lines around Wilson Monday night

As Red and Purple line commuters painfully realize, the Chicago Police on Monday night ordered a suspension of rail service on the Red and Purple lines Monday night from Berwyn to Addison. Police said a “hostage situation” was occurring at 4639 N. Broadway, and no doubt feared there may be bullets flying out of the... Read more »

How to make $150 a day hustling candy on the subway

Yes, that’s $150 selling candy on New York City’s subway. That’s good money. If he works a five-day week, that’s almost $40,000 a year. And that’s after-tax money, because methinks he doesn’t pay taxes on it. He boasts about buying $300 sneakers with his earnings. And he’s quite the entrepreneur, because he sells a few... Read more »

CTA Renew Crew spruces up Addison Brown Line station

When the CTA announced in September that its Renew Crews would be “freshening up” 100 stations in the next year, it also promised to give reports on stations as they were completed. In the last two-plus months, it has completed work at almost 20 stations. So they are working at a pretty good clip, finishing... Read more »

News pickup: Successful union negotiations; CTA pensions reforms working

A couple of news stories from the last few days bring some good news on the Chicago Transit Authority beat. CTA union agree on rehiring rail cleaners. It may not be a deal to give back $80 million in work rule changes, but it’s a step in the right direction. The CTA and its rail... Read more »

Waltzing Mechanics tell seasonal tales with "El Stories: Holiday Train"

The folks at Waltzing Mechanics are celebrating the holidays with a special production called “El Stories: Holiday Train” on Friday and Saturday from Dec. 2 through Jan. 14.  Performances start at 10:30 p.m. in the Downstairs Studio at the Greenhouse Theater Center, 2257 N Lincoln Ave. Tickets are $15 general admission and are available in... Read more »

Ex-inmate still rides CTA rails for money - and hassles passengers

Thumbnail image for 'Ex-inmate still rides CTA rails for money - and hassles passengers'
Here’s a familiar CTA beggar going off on a passenger for having the temerity to question his sincerity. This is the guy who “got out of prison” a few years ago and is trying to set his life straight. That’s fine, but I suggest you not verbally harass folks who might give you money. Hat... Read more »

CTA employees to donate 300 food baskets this year to the needy

CTA President,Forrest Claypool and CTA Chairman Terry Peterson present a ceremonial food basket to a representative of Chicago Commons.
CTA brass shared the Holiday Train Saturday with Santa Claus to deliver food baskets to local community groups on the West Side. Each holiday season, CTA employees donate the time and money to purchase the groceries and assemble the food baskets. This year, the requests increased to nearly triple the number of requests from 2010.... Read more »

Look at your CTA seat before sitting on train or bus

A ripped fabric seat. Passengers should report stuff like this.
Do you look at your seat before you sit down? And I mean either bus or train. It really doesn’t matter. Seats on both can get icky and hold boorish passengers who vomit or eat chicken dinners, and leave peanut shells on them. These photos show various seat ickiness. The last photo is a shot... Read more »