Two die over the weekend at two L stations

It was a deadly weekend on the CTA’s rail lines as two men died on the Brown and Pink lines.

In the Brown Line incident, an intoxicated man fell off the platform early Saturday morning at Wellington and into the path of a Brown Line train. He was dead at the scene, according to a Tribune story. Service was suspended for a few hours on both the Red and Brown lines.

On the Pink Line at Western, Chicago Police show a killed a man who they say pointed two guns at officers. According to the Tribune, when police first arrived at the station, they found the man pointing a gun at his own head. Then he pulled a second gun and pointed them both at police, prompting police to shoot him.


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  • Sounds like the Pink Line one was suicide by cop, also in that the decedent's reported address was on the 2000 block of S. Blue Island Ave. and the station was on the 2000 block of S. Western, a few blocks away. No need to disrupt CTA service over that.

  • "Chicago Police show a killed a man" ?????

  • In reply to OB21:

    I was confused about the wording too - the link just goes to another Tribune article unfortionately. I think it was supposed to be,0,4162005.story

    I think it meant the police was showing a picture of the person, but then the Tribue article would probably carry that picture.

  • In reply to sargas:

    Sargas, sorry about the wrong link on the Pink Line shooting. I fixed it. Thanks.

  • It was Hill Street Blues when it came out of the old Maxwell St. police station. ;-)

  • Much quieter in the Toronto subway

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