Resurgence of CTA-involved "wilding" reported; Guardian Angels patrolling Red Line

New reports of “wilding” have resurfaced, with large groups of teens on Monday starting at the Red Line Chicago station and spreading out on North Michigan Avenue to wreak havoc. These details were posted on Chicago’s EveryBlock site based on police scanner reports.

Further corroboration of the wilding could be found in comments on Second City Cop. A disturbing part of the EveryBlock report was that police allegedly pushed some of the youths back on to Red Line trains at Chicago:

Toward the end of rush hour several CPD units corralled a large part of the group back toward the red line station on Chicago and State hoping to clear the area from disturbances. Once the train platform filled up with the youths, several fights broke out requiring more units to come in as back up. The police acted quickly and once again very little damage resulted. As one train headed south more trouble ensued.

Mind you now, none of this has been corroborated by police. But if true, that’s a disturbing development.

These reports of violence may be related to the shooting Monday night at the Roosevelt Green and Orange Line station. One teen was injured in the platform shooting. Two other teens are in custody.

Guardian Angels patrol CTA rail lines. Monday’s shooting prompted Chicago’s Guardian Angels to announce it will start patrolling the area around the Roosevelt station. The Guardian Angels said they assisted in arrests of four suspects who beat and robbed a man of his iPhone.



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  • The Guardian Angels scare me as much as gang members.
    maybe because they look & act like gang members, blocking the doors & acting like they own the train!

  • I'd certainly rather deal with the Guardian Angels Scooter - than WORTHLESS THUG GARBAGE SCUM.

    I've been beat up twice on 'L', and I feel I was very intelligent by NOT bringing a loaded .357 on the crowded 'L' the next day (even though I REALLY wanted to.

  • Another question is why White and Hispanic Guardian Angels have to be ANYWHERE to protect Black people from other Black people.

    Shouldn't Black people either be protecting their own, or not assaulting their own???

    This is why I live W A Y out in the suburbs.

  • Between feeling increasingly unsafe at night on the Red Line, dealing with frequent mysterious delays in service and the numerous slow zones that never get fixed for years on end, I now avoid the L at all costs. I'm a very big fan of the 136 and 147 buses now and I usually get to work faster. Not once have I had to encounter people that ruined my commute on the bus or had me on alert. I could write a whole blog about my experiences on the Red line over the years. There were many times I had to put up with disturbing, disgusting or downright scary incidents. It's been months since I've been on the Red Line in the evening and this post makes me more than happy to continue my express bus commuting routine.

    It's scary stuff like this that if the city doesn't get things under control will indeed cause many people to eventually flee the city. If we get a bad reputation for tourism, even if its isolated and exceedingly rare that someone would be in the wrong place at the wrong time while in Chicago, it just takes a few times for word to spread that Chicago is not a safe or family friendly vacation destination and we stand to lose many millions in economic activity. When the warm weather comes I hope the city is ready to deal with the all mayhem that will sadly happen again on the beaches and downtown.

  • Not to mention the 4 people at the Harrison Red Line station who beat a person and stole his iPhone, reported yesterday. So, I won't mention it.

    A fifth retrospective, this one of the year as a whole:

    I don't see on the "About CTA->Overview" page the usual mission statement about "clean, safe, and reliable transit," but there are statements there about "a pleasant environment," "innovative," "highest standards of quality and safety for our customers," "dependable for our customers" and "Being accountable to fellow employees and customers." If one thing the CTA Tattler has proven throughout the year, including this last post of this year CTA ain't that except in the IT department.

    Can we expect any better in the New Year? Anyone betting yes?

  • It is time to take off the cuffs off of the police and let them do their job the right way. Crack a few heads or some jail time, things will come back into order.

  • In reply to Master Shake:

    If you are suggesting going back to the Burge years and mentality, that doesn't seem to have worked either.

    There is a difference between good police work and cracking heads. Maybe even in Chicago.

  • What do find so disturbing about police pushing these urban losers back onto the southbound Red Line? That's more disturbing than having these creatures roaming around Michigan Avenue?

  • In reply to Scotty96:

    Well Scotty, you're just moving the problem from an open space, to a more confined, and thus more dangerous place. Talk about a powderkeg ready to explode!

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