How to make $150 a day hustling candy on the subway

Yes, that’s $150 selling candy on New York City’s subway. That’s good money. If he works a five-day week, that’s almost $40,000 a year. And that’s after-tax money, because methinks he doesn’t pay taxes on it. He boasts about buying $300 sneakers with his earnings.

And he’s quite the entrepreneur, because he sells a few varieties of candy, including “trail mix bars for people that like to eat healthy, which, this got the most sugar in it.”

I see young kids and teens selling candy on the CTA for their ball teams, but they aren’t this organized. There’s a lesson for them here.

Hat tip to Gothamist.

Sugar rush hour from Bianca Consunji on Vimeo.


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  • "And that's after-tax money..."

    If New York is still as it was, someone in state government would have read the original by now and hauled the guy before the Department of Revenue. They have done it based on far less, and probably are more interested in collecting the sales tax.

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    In reply to jack:

    You sound like someone who can't stand to see someone else other than yourself making money. As long as he's not really infringing on any laws and as long as he does it in a timely fashion, then who is to say that what he does with his candy is wrong. The way I see it, he pays sales tax already for buying the candy in order to simply resell it, so your argument is invalid.

  • Well Wolf, I'm not real sure about the New York laws, but I do know that's it's illegal to sell stuff on the CTA.

  • I don't see where you get any of you false suppositions.

    I was only making an observation about what New York tax authorities commonly do. In any event, sales tax, which in Illinois is officially "retailers occupational tax" is imposed on the ultimate retailer. If he is not paying income or collecting sales tax, he is infringing on any laws. I just said that it was up to New York authorities to enforce them, as they often do.

  • He makes me wonder how much the Sock Guy makes daily.

  • This is the exact reason why I never give money to beggars or anyone selling "goods". Just from my observations, for every person that doesn't "donate", 3 more will. On numerous occasions, I've seen "bums" pull out wads of cash bigger than I've ever had in my pocket. And I'll never forget the time I was on the Red Line last holiday season and a very well to do woman gave a beggar a $100 bill, only to be called a stupid b*tch. But really, you have to be just a little stupid if you can't see the big picture. These people would not be out there everyday if they weren't making decent money.

  • I'd buy toblerone off him, that stuff f'n amazing.

  • Hey, at least he's running his own little operation and not just being a beggar by asking for booze money.

    He has a product, the consumer has money, everyone is happy.

  • In reply to Peter Skiadopoulos:

    I suppose that the same could be said of the con of recruiting "deaf people" to sell pens on the L. CTA rid itself of them, and they migrated to the shopping mall food courts. I didn't want to be bothered by them in either location.

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