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"Doors open on the right" - and the announcement is louder

In the last month or so, I have noticed – along with a number of you readers – that the pre-recorded announcement of “doors open on the right” on CTA trains has changed. It is louder, more pronounced, with a change in pitch. The tone is much different from the other phrases on either side... Read more »

CTA in haiku: When a smile is just a slight flirt, nothing more

Another in a series of CTA haikus by Jen Masengarb.   you gave up your seatbut my smile just meant ‘hi’now I’m embarrassed Chicago haiku no. 64 | April 2011 ************************Follow CTA Tattler at my Twitter page. Post your Crazy Commuting Story on the CTA Tattler Facebook wall.

Guerrilla campaign aims squarely at uncivil CTA-HOLES

No one knows why Steven Statue turns into an immovable heap as soon as he steps into the aisle of a CTA vehicle. It's ... likely that our man suffers from common incivility, a widespread malady that prevents those afflicted from appreciating how their actions impact others.
Megan Megaphone and Seat Hog Sam are two of the stars of a new trading card campaign — CTA-HOLES — “examining (in)civility aboard the Chicago Transit Authority.” Joe Jarvis, the man behind the guerrilla campaign against loud cellers, seat hogs and other etiquette busters, has conceived and produced a set of four trading cards depicting... Read more »

Rahm stands by his transit team, vows cross-agency cooperation

Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel addresses a 49th Ward Democratic Party meeting. (CTA Tattler photo) Before a packed house in Rogers Park, Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel on Monday night defended both the CTA and his new transit team, and promised more interagency cooperation among the CTA, Metra and Pace. “Those day are over where the various transit agencies... Read more »

From driver reading to ripped seat: If you see something, say something

One tip: "If you are a victim of harassment, tell the rail or bus operator immediately."
I often get questions from readers about who to contact at the CTA with a complaint, or a commendation. Last week I contacted the CTA twice with complains, because, as the CTA urges: “If you see something, say something.” The CTA’s website suggests, “If you observe an unattended package, witness anything unusual or see someone... Read more »

CTA excels in micro-communication at Grand-State on Red Line

Not to mention a bicycle.
I wrote Thursday about the poor communication with passengers during Tuesday’s “misrailment.” (Thank you for coining the term, TR.) On the other side of the equation, today I report on some excellent micro-communication in one lonely sign leading to an exit-only turnstile at the Grand-State station on the Red Line.  The sign was installed about... Read more »

Poor passenger communications by CTA was Tuesday's key issue - not "derailment"

Poor passenger communications by CTA was Tuesday's key issue - not "derailment"
Though I focused on the Forrest Claypool appointment Wednesday, I haven’t forgotten about the Brown Line “mishap” (it wasn’t a derailment!) during Tuesday morning’s rush hour. Though it appears the Tribune has forgotten it.  At least it wasn’t mentioned in Wednesday’s print edition, not even a tiny sidebar with the page 1 coverage of our... Read more »

Rahm finds CTA leaders here; time will tell if they stay - and succeed

(Image from WTTW-Chicago) Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel went to Rochester, N.Y., and Denver to find his new top leaders for Chicago Public Schools. But he didn’t have to go very far to fill the top positions at the Chicago Transit Authority. They were right under his nose. And in fact, CTA Board Chairman Terry Peterson is... Read more »

More details on CTA Brown Line "derailment" that wasn't a derailment

The Tribune has a good report with further details and photos on the Brown Line mishap this morning, including video and photos. The CTA is not calling the incident a “derailment” because “all of the wheels stayed on the track”: [CTA spokesperson Noelle] Gaffney said the eight-car train had just left the Belmont station and... Read more »

Breaking: Claypool named new CTA president by Rahm

Forrest Claypool will be the new CTA president, Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel announced today. Terry Peterson will remain as CTA board chair. Bottom line – folks who were really Daley guys are still running the CTA. Now they are Rahm guys. So much breaking news within a two hour span. First the Brown Line derailment, now... Read more »