CTA year in review - Q2: Claypool named CTA chief; taking the "L challenge"; non-union jobs cut

Today we look at the CTA news and notes from the second quarter of 2011.

April: The CTA got a grant to study bus rapid transit on Western Avenue. The Brown Line “derailed” just north of the Belmont near the junction. The CTA did a poor job of communicating about the accident to passengers. And on the same day as the Brown Line incident, Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel named Forrest Claypool as his choice to run the CTA.

May: With Mayor Daley’s 20-plus year reign coming to an end, I opined about his legacy on the CTA. I also reviewed Richard Rodriguez’ brief tenure as president. A British guy shared his views on the CTA rail system and while taking the “L Challenge.” And CTA boors never disappoint.

June: We reported about flash mobs attacking North Siders who used the CTA to get around. We reminded riders about our primer on CTA’s rules for behavior. Claypool announced plans for more video surveillance at rail stations and better cop coverage. And the boss also cut 54 non-union jobs in one of his first cost-cutting moves of his presidency.

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