Yes, President Claypool does ride the CTA home from work

If he wasn’t the president of the Chicago Transit Authority, he would just be another guy on the Brown Line checking his email on the way home from work.

But yes, it is Forrest Claypool. And I think he better pay more attention to his surroundings lest someone snatch that phone out of his hand.

Thanks to Cheryl for sharing the photo.


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  • Note how he is sitting in a seat that faces either forward or backwards, not sideways.
    Even he knows how horrible the sideways seats are, yet he wants to inflict them on everyone.
    Just watch, when the sideways seats are everywhere, Claypool will either be gone from the CTA or he'll be using his own or a CTA car to go to & from work.

  • In reply to ScooterLibbby:

    He'll be gone.

    For that matter, he better not fall down on the platform while playing with his phone, or he'll get a splinter in his posterior.

    Oh, I forgot, someone who doesn't read me took credit for getting the platform fixed, not Claypool.

  • Haha! This picture is the poster-child of what most of us have been saying on here for months about the width of the dated CTA bucket seats being incompatible being lined up next to each other. Take a look at how far in front of Claypool's shoulder and leg is in front of the operator's cab door. I don't consider him an above-averaged sized person and if he was sitting in the sideways seats on a 5000 series car there is no way someone could sit in the seat immediately to his left. Clearly there is someone in the seat right next to him and he is maintaining some level of comfort by using some extra room beyond the small footprint of the bucket seat.

    I have no problem with sideways seating, but I'm dying to know CTA's reasoning and explaination why they flat out rejected using a new style of seating, such as the bench style used in pretty much every other city in the world that has sideways seating in their cars. The fact that there was simply no discussion or reasoning made public is what makes me so upset about this issue.

  • In reply to Matt:

    Even worse, look at the woman sitting across the aisle from him. She's anything but big & her shoulder & arm sticks out into the aisle.

  • Mr President read the rule book, Passengers sit, not employees!

  • In reply to WHOSETHEBOSS:

    True. Employees cannot sit to the exclusion of paying customers.

    I see a standee in the photo. If he is standing because there are no other available seats - then Forrest is violating a CTA rule.

  • Actually the rule is Employees in uniform may not sit while Passengers are standing.

  • He is in uniform! Clown uniform! He is the President of the company, he leads by example! Wake up!

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