Vote for winner of caption contest for Rahm zombie train

Thanks to my readers for providing almost 50 captions for the Rahm / zombie photo. Take a look at Monday’s post for all the captions in their hilarity.

Now’s the time to vote on the best. Take our click poll below. The winner gets a nifty ChicagoNow T-Shirt and some CTA Tattler buttons. Such swag.

And yes folks, perhaps the photo is fake. But you didn’t really think it wasn’t photo-shopped, did you? And does it really matter? All in Halloween fun. Thanks to Paul Aman for pointing me to the original photo opp (bottom below) that was the source for the photo.

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  • One vote for NerdyScience Girl: "You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before . . . like killing zombies."

    And in the spirit of the comment, a second vote for Joe Abernathy: "Mayor Emanuel meets with lobbyists from the powerful Chicago dead voter bloc."

  • Still stuck riding with the 99% during his own reelection campaign, Rahm tweets, "Mr. President, I think it might finally be time to consider that public option thing."

  • When did the contest end? I just saw it yesterday. Too bad, you're all going to read my captions anyway! 1) Why am I doing these neighborhood tours?; 2) Damn! I shouldn't have cut the 9-1-1 budget!; 3) txt: Honey, I just want to say I love you.; 4) txt: OK! I get it! Burke can have his bodyguards back.; 5) Campaign trail for the dead vote.

  • In reply to RonBaliga:

    Hey, thanks for sharing anyway, Ron.

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