Video: New CTA rail cars begin service on the Pink Line

Here is the CTA’s video of the maiden voyage of the new Series 5000 passenger cars on the Pink Line last week. The video quotes passengers on what they like best about the new cars, including some giggling teenagers.


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  • Way to put lipstick on that pig!

    Though if we're talking livestock, cattle might better describe what "roomier" translates to in terms of riding ergonomics.

    About half the comments mentioned how clean the cars were. As if that won't be short-lived.

    Can't help being curious about the comments they didn't use.

  • In reply to CCWriter:

    I'll merely cite the Sun-Times article of yesterday. Besides it noting, at best, a mixed reaction from the riders, it noted that the seats were 17-1/2 inches wide. Now, both CTA and Pace had made a big deal about seats in buses received on or after 2006 being 18-1/2 inches wide, because of the way the weight distribution of passengers has trended upward.

    I mentioned CTA bullheadness before, and I guess Rahm will have to take sole credit for such things as the seating arrangement and amber destination signs.

  • In reply to jack:

    Oh, very good article! That writer gets it.

  • In reply to jack:

    You need the 18 1/2 " width for South Side services. Anecdotally, I remember almost never having to say "excuse me" to north side riders if I was in the window seat and needed to exit. I attributed it to "big butt syndrome".

  • It looks like a smooth ride with very little noise and jitter while riding on the rails. I look forward to riding it.

    Definitely disappointed about the LED lights. It's nice to be able to tell what train is coming from a distance by the color.

  • I like the new cars.

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