Teenager charged with battery in videotaped assault of homeless man on CTA platform

The star of a homemade video that depicts him punching out a defenseless homeless man now finds himself in jail for the holidays.

Scotty Strahan, 18, of Chicago turned himself in to police earlier this week and was charged with two counts of aggravated battery. his bond was set Thursday at $10.000, according to a Tribune report. Happy Holidays, Scotty!

Videotaped Attack on Man at Red Line Station Might Have Been a Game: MyFoxCHICAGO.com


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  • i would have punched that kid.

  • His nasty friends who egged him on and videotaped the battery should be charged at least with disturbing the peace, if not more. I was taught that if you see a crime and neither intervene nor call the police you are an accessory. My parents actually used the word "collaborator" which has a much more chilling connotation, especially for those whose parents came to this country right after WWII.

  • In reply to Azetbur:

    Accessory could be. It probably wouldn't be that hard to get behind the poster's id or IP address.

  • In reply to Azetbur:

    You were taught wrong.
    You have no legal obligation to do anything unless you are the holder of a liquor license & you are aware of a criminal act occurring within your business, in front of your business or within a specific number of feet, according to the law.
    Now as to whether you have an ethical obligation to do something, that's a horse of a different color!

  • "Game." "Funny." I suppose they will have apologists who will tell us it is wrong to question a culture which is 180 degrees from the one we know. It's just different, and how dare we judge. I doubt that the thugs themselves care about that. So how about this: their name for this "game" is really lame and amateurish. .I hope they are highly offended by that criticism, at least, even if they think being devoid of human decency is a big joke.

    As I viewed the video, my attention was drawn to the woman who is seen kneeling by the victim to see if he is hurt, then using her phone to call for help. Her name may not be splashed all over the media, but I have no doubt her family and friends are proud of her actions. Not sure why the perpetrators recorded that part or if they had any comprehension of what they were looking at.

  • Somehow I see the mother blaming it on the kids egging him on....

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