Teen punches out homeless guy on CTA Red Line platform; friend helpfully films it

Oh, those fun-loving teenagers. Hanging out on the Red Line at Chicago. Punching out homeless guys on the platform. Laughing about it afterwards.


Thank you to the woman who helped the victim.

Fox News Chicago later reported the attack is part of a “game” called “Point him out, knock him out.” Yep, more fun and games on the CTA.

Video via MyFoxChicago.com.

Videotaped Attack on Man at Red Line Station Might Have Been a Game: MyFoxCHICAGO.com


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  • Combined with IowaDave's comment, it sure looks like the CTA is trying to eliminate its deficit by eliminating its passengers. A 45% loss per passenger x 0 passengers=$0.

    So much for the "clean, safe, and efficient."

  • Google "happy slapping " and you will find that such behavior has been prevalent in Northern Europe for years.

  • In reply to JamesReyes:

    I guess I won't be riding The Tube until the bobbies clean it up, too.

    If one wants to get to the video, the question is are these people Jay Leno's "stupid criminals" in that the intent is to post it on the Internet, they don't think they will be found out? If Craig Wall could find the perp's home (looked like a ritzy one), I supposed that the Chicago Police can eventually find him. If they are waiting to ID the victim, I suppose that there aren't that many 55 year old men found out cold on the Chicago-State platform. Or are there?

  • I wish folks would stop referring to these criminals as "teenagers" (as you do) or "young people" (as your linked news report does). It makes them sound less thuggish and dangerous. How about "thugs" or "young thugs" if you must? Or "dangerous street criminals"?

    On an unrelated note (and sorry to sound so negative), I couldn't find any way to reduce the volume on your video link other than to turn my speakers down. That's annoying.

  • In reply to Pollyanna:

    Pollyanna: First off, the courts treat *some* teens (depending on age) differently than adults. So that's why I differentiate them by age.

    Second, sorry about the sound, but yep, that's why you have the ability to turn the volume down on your speakers.

  • In reply to Pollyanna:

    Just refer to what they are ... plain ghetto thugs. Never worked in their life, sponging off of me and the government and committing crimes by the dozen, every minute of the day.

  • Since I am Black - is it racist to bring up the subject of Forced Sterilization??

    Notice I didn't stutter

  • In reply to mikep621:

    Meh, lame troll is lame.

  • In reply to mikep621:

    but it would be a step in a right direction. notice the old man this animal was black too. wonder what would have happened if the punks were white and did that to a black guy?

  • In reply to mikep621:

    I think there needs to be a law passed that says only one thug per woman. If we can stop producing criminals every 9 months, they will eventually go away.

  • Why worry, just pack a weapon and clean out the gene pool.

    The "L" provides many opportunities to squash miscreants.

    I hope they set their sights on me, BAM!

  • The difference between black and white is that black may be harder to shoot at night, otherwise, same.

    Criminals are without age, BAM, BAM,BAM!

    Warn punk kids, the L is dangerous for you, might get you killed!

  • In reply to Liberty Slap:

    I'm 90% sure mikep621 and Liberty Slap are the same guy, desperately socking for attention. My initial response stands.

  • here is the wonderful productive youth of America, showing respect to a senior citizen. what fun they are having, nice and innocent lads of chicago. i think god would forgive me if i were to run across this fine upstanding youth and blow his mother-f**king brains out the back of his head. where is the outrage from the passerby's? only one young girl, it looked like,tried to help this poor guy. think if that was your father or grandfather. the man did nothing wrong but to be there at the wrong time

  • fb_avatar

    Chicago? It figures. I guess this "youth" is one of the heroes of Obama's private army in training. I'm sure the SEIU can use his skills at the next political rally.

  • This is fucking hilarious.

  • This is disgusting! The train should have been stopped and the THUG arrested. The Red Line Chicago stop is my work commute and this thug-mob mentality is common place at 6pm on the southbound. Unfortunately, we have been suppressed into turning a blind eye out of fear of being labeled racist or worse, being made the target of these thugs. And we want to extend the Red line further south to provide easier access for these thugs- WHY?

  • I hope they catch these punks and lock them all up with the biggest ass rapist that are in Cook County...

  • I really wish that we could use the patriot act on these thugs and gang members, or make stricter law with some serious time to combat the behavior. When ever they committee a crime on innocent victims or commit gang crimes. They would be charged as terrorists and locked away for a very long time. Then if they ever get out they have to attend some sort of proactive classes, therapy and anger management.... They must also pay for their court costs, classes, jail lodging, therapy, probation/ parole and anger management.

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