Occupy Chicago moves to Rogers Park, then rides CTA Red Line back to Loop action

Occupy Chicago had a change of venue Saturday afternoon to Rogers Park and then the CTA’s Red Line.

Rogers Park-area Occupy sympathizers and participants rallied at The Glenwood Bar on Glenwood near Morse. Glenwood patrons hear the Red Line rumbling past every few minutes on the embankment about 30 feet from the entrance.

From there, about 50 occupiers boarded the Red Line for the Loop and joined forces with their downtown compadres.

Jim Ginderske, one of the organizers of the Saturday event, said they decided to plan an outreach event in Rogers Park because about 20 friends and neighbors kept running into each other in the Loop. Jim also said:

Working class neighborhoods like [Rogers Park] are massively affected by the current economic circumstances, and many folks are more comfortable learning about Occupy in the community than by venturing downtown for the first time alone. We brought those factors together around public transportation because of the key role the Red Line plays in our neighborhood.

We held a mini-general assembly on the train, using the human mic. Nearly everyone talked about why they came, and for many it was their first ‘occupy’ experience. People that boarded while this was happening stayed in the car with us and several nodded along as people spoke. The train conductor even came on the intercom and welcomed us.

Downtown we joined about 500 other occupiers and participated in the citywide general assembly. There we discussed strategy, Movement organization, and relationships with other occupations. We also handed out specially-made ‘occu-pies’ that First Slice bakery donated at our event at The Glenwood.

Going forward, we will be hosting a weekly general assembly (GA) at 3 p.m. on Sundays in Rogers Park. Next week’s GA will be on the patio of the Heartland Cafe. This kind of neighborhood presence will be happening all over Chicago as this movement continues to grow.

Godspeed to all involved.

All photos by ArtistJ.


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  • Privileged white male supports "movement" of privileged white males. Film at 11.

  • That's better than another "wilding" attack by those damm Eskimos.

  • Hey darkwing, I would rather ride my Black Azz downtown with those "privileged white males" than with MY OWN PEOPLE who have beaten my Black Azz (in groups of 4) twice on the "Red Line".

    btw: All the other people in the car got up and moved to the other end to give them more room - NOBODY HELPED ME.

    I wish I had had the psychokinetic powers to make it fall off the Wells St. Bridge and go hunting for the Eastland.

    Part of why I believe in Free On-demand Abortion (I haven't quite gotten to forced-sterilization yet).

  • In reply to mikep621:

    "I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul."

  • In reply to darkwing:

    I guess you would have moved to the other end of the car also,
    Thanks loads.

  • So what were they protesting in Rogers Park, home of or represented by their most liberal supporters, Joe Moore and Jan Schakowsky? Or were they just beering up and eating pie?

    Maybe they should go to Schakowsky's office and ask her why she hasn't done anything to bring jobs to her district.

    I hate to agree with darkwing (was he the one who assumed that everyone had iPhones) and Mike, but I have to this time. These people are nothing but poseurs.

  • Malcontents and miscreants. Let me guess Kevin, you are for these occupy people.

  • I wonder I there Occupy people are ashamed that their movement is filled with communists, socialists, anti-Americans, anarchists, and Jew-haters?

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