Another reason why the #36 Broadway bus always seems to run late

From a Chicago News Report story:

“A southbound No. 36 Broadway bus was held hostage on the 3900 block of North Broadway, when a woman refused to move out of the vehicle’s path.

“The stubborn female, described as a “crazy lady” by the person who shot the video, reportedly stood in front of the bus at Sheridan and Broadway, because the driver refused to let her on the bus.

“It appears the driver was ending his shift when the confrontation occurred.

“As the lady causally leaned against the bike rack on the front of the CTA bus, someone in the background started calling her obscene names; which she completely ignored.

“Approximately one minute into the video, Chicago police officers arrive at the scene and eventually convince the woman to move out of the street.”


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  • They "convinced" her? Why not just arrest her for disorderly conduct and haul her ass off? Has the same effect and it's much faster.

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