Hyde Park Express bus driver wins CTA competition

CTA union members are catching flak lately for “antiquated work rules” such as double-time pay on birthdays.

But let’s remember that these folks are people who are doing a job – getting us riders where we need to be safely. And certainly they are proud of the job they do.

Carl Haymore is no exception.

Well, maybe he is an exception, because he is this year’s CTA Bus Operator Champion in the Bus Roadeo competition. Contestants in the competition have to maneuver their vehicles through 13 obstacles in seven minutes. ”

“I take a lot of pride in driving a bus, just wanting to do everything the right way – curbing a bus, making the turns, using my pivots points. It’s just fun,” says Haymore. He’s a driver on the #2 Hyde Park Express route.

Check out the video to see the obstacles he mastered to win the competition. Haymore competed in the international competition in Memphis. He didn’t win, but he wants to try again next year.


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  • Nice to see exceptional employees get recognized! I ride with some westside and northwest side bus drivers that certainly stand out too. Congrats!

  • Congratulations, too. The video had enough information about the skills required, and personally I would doubt that anyone could back a bus, but they do.

    The sick side of me says that they should use articulated buses. Somebody posted a link on chicagobus.org to a British demo derby with two "bendy buses" and one "heap" (30 foot or less front engine bus). Needless to say, the heap did not end up in good condition.

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