Good lessons here: How CTA theft victim got thugs arrested

A woman’s iPhone is stolen from her at gunpoint on a platform at the Red Line. The two teenaged thugs make a getaway on the next train out.

Ho hum. Another CTA robbery.

But no, this was much different.

The alleged perpetrators were caught and arrested, because the victim did all the right things.  And so did the cops. We can all learn from what she did:

  • She kept her cool – even when faced with a gun – and gave up the iPhone without a struggle, keeping herself safe.
  • She got a good description of the robbers.
  • She told CTA personnel immediately.
  • She provided a great description to the police.
  • Police acted right away. The mugging happened on the Harrison Red Line platform. The police stopped the southbound train just minutes later at Cermak/Chinatown.
  • Cops arrested two 14-year-old boys based on the victim’s description.
  • The victim got her iPhone back.
  • One boy was charged with theft, and the other cited for having a replica weapon – a BB gun.

Justice will be served because of the calm, quick-thinking of the 19-year-old victim. Way to go!



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  • fb_avatar

    And they will both walk,, if they even show to court, to reign havoc another day!

  • In reply to David Pikunas:

    In that the two are 14 year olds, it is at most juvenile court (I guess they don't call it the Audy Home these days). Then the Muckrakers are all aggrieved that even anyone goes there. They sure want them to walk.

    But it reinforces what I said that the CTA Tattler indicates that it is not safe to whip out one's iPhone, even to check the Tracker.

  • WHY AREN'T these Thugs parents ever interviewed on TV to discover WHY their children are WORTHLESS GARBAGE (should be part of the arrest process).

  • In reply to mikep621:

    If they have parents, they probably will say "we would have never suspected it, he was always such a good boy." That's how the parents always react, unless there is incontrovertible evidence, such as the guy with the multicolor sweater caught on the bus camera, in which case Mama told him to turn himself in.

  • In reply to mikep621:

    The two kids need to be held to account, but let's remember they are human beings and that the waste of human capital involved to see them turn to a life of crime and prison is a cost we all bear and one we should work to prevent.

  • I note that the Trib article you linked to referred to these alleged thieves as "youngsters." How sweet.

  • "Teens" .. "boys" .. "youths" ... "juveniles" .
    And be sure to mention "BB gun" as many times as possible.

    Yeah, we get it Tribune! Let's use clever language to downplay the whole thing. Poor honor roll students, victims of society, blah blah.

    Yeah right. Knock it off. Seriously.

    These thugs. These criminals. These scumbags. These wastes of space... are just lucky the victim wasn't an undercover officer otherwise they'd likely be on a slab in the morgue.

  • In reply to mark:

    At least the press can't use criminals until they are convicted, and the other terms unless they want to be sued.

    "Juveniles" would be sufficient, until such time as they are remanded to adult court.

    And it at least appears that a 55 year old did not assault a 14 year old, unlike the situation alleged at Penn State. Note that at the moment, the people in Pa are "accused" or "charged," not "child molesters."

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