CTA rider uses tiny sign in appeal to cellers to be considerate

Sometimes, CTA passengers take matters into their own hands by making up and trying to enforce their own rules of transit etiquette.

For instance, there’s the well-intentioned person who posted this neat little 3×5-inch hand-lettered sign in a passenger shelter on the platform at Morse on the Red Line.

“Considerate people keep cell calls brief. —

Not more than 1 minute.”

Now, that seems fairly reasonable to me. What do you think?


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  • What difference does it make how long is the call, if it is not unduly loud?

    Is someone somehow encroaching on her bandwidth?

    Not to mention, isn't there a rule about littering on CTA property?

  • I would prefer no calls, a short call is equally annoying. Too bad CTA doesn't have the quiet car rule. Unless there is a life in the balance, only texting or email.

  • Um, If you are on the platform how is that any more annoying than the sound of the L itself? On a car, yes, I agree. But, this is kinda dumb...

  • In reply to scottyboyswa:

    The sound of the L itself lasts about 20-30 seconds max as it's coming into the station. And I'd rather listen to that anyway than listen to someone complain about their medical condition or whatever.

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