CTA rail cameras paying off with arrests; represent big PR coup

The dramatic increase in security cameras and police presence at CTA rail stations is probably the biggest public relations success the transit agency since Rahm Emanuel took over as mayor in May.

And Mayor Emanuel on Saturday stood on the Loyola Red Line platform and announced that cameras there and elsewhere led to two arrests in the last week — one a shotgun robbery at Loyola.

The CTA announced in June that it would install 1,500 more security cameras at stations, in addition to the 1,500 already in place. About 75% of those additional cameras are now in place. The remainder will be installed by the end of the year.

Of course cameras aren’t the only answer, Rahm said Saturday. In early September he announced that 50 police recruits would be dedicated to CTA patrol when they graduate from the police academy next spring. See the video here from CTA Connections. Those officers would augment the police “wolf packs” that currently are patrolling the CTA.

The CTA should enjoy the good feelings now in advance of what probably will be bad news when President Forrest Claypool finally releases his 2012 budget.


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  • On the last clause, does Claypool intend to violate section 34 of the Metropolitan Transit Authority Act, which says that the budget has to be made available for public inspection 3 weeks before a public hearing, and submitted to the RTA by Nov 15? Maybe you can ask Noelle about that.

    Given that the appointments of him and the Board did not comply with the Act, resulting in the now displayed incompetence, it is just going to be continued display of that incompetence and disregard of one's job? I guess so. Maybe Claypool thinks Nov. 15 is Nov. 15, 2019.

  • Wow, and a nice byproduct of all this PR for the CTA and Rahm is that it happens to actually benefit the passengers. How can we get that to happen more often?

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