CTA footbridges offer some startling views

Today’s post is direct ripoff from Steven Vance over at Grid Chicago, who last month had a nice piece noting that CTA footbridges over tracks were becoming extinct. The footbridge at Belmont Red/Purple/Brown  station (second photo, by Steven) was demolished to make way for the remodeled station.

Steven also posted a link to a Flickr gallery he curated of other CTA footbridges. Check them out, and check out Steve’s newish Grid Chicago blog.


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  • Looks like the destination sign on that second photo says "95/Dan Ryan" instead of just "95th." How long ago was that changed?

  • In reply to Noah121:

    Chicagobus.org indicates that the switchover started about 3 years ago.

    The last I saw around there (new platforms were open but the station house wasn't), the trains had been converted, but the previous style signs were installed on the platforms.

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