City employees will have to take CTA for on-the-job travel when possible, Rahm rules

In an effort to save the Chicago $1 million, city employees who have to travel on the job will be required to use public transportation when possible instead of being reimbursed for use of their personal car.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced in a press release Saturday “that the preferred method of travel for employees once they have begun their work day is the CTA.  If this is not feasible due to location, timing, or security reasons employees will have to provide reasoning on reimbursement forms.”

This is a smart move, but probably only feasible for those whose travel takes them to the Loop or the near South, West and North Side. Otherwise, they won’t be very efficient with the large service gaps in mid-day bus and rail schedules. Times will tell if the city truly gets the expected savings from this move.


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  • This is a no brainer if the worker is going someplace where it won't take them three hours to get there in the middle of the day.

  • It is time that the city elite have to mix with the proletariat.Maybe they will tell their supervision whether CTA is doing the job or not.

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