Caption contest - Rahm on the CTA among zombies

This photo really demands a caption contest.

UPDATE: Vote now for the best caption.

Cook County Commissioner John Fritchey posted this on his Facebook page.

Now you have to write a caption for it. We’ll vote for a winner based on what I deem to be the top entries.

Have at it!

UPDATE: Just learned that the Mayor’s office tweeted this photo Friday with this caption: “In case of a zombie apocalypse, remember to stay calm like Rahm. Have a happy and safe Halloween, Chicago!” So, that’s the competition off the bat.


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    Trapped in a train full of zombies?
    There's an app for that

  • In reply to Sam92:

    He might be using the Bud Light app. "Here we pee..."

  • Scariest passenger on this train full of zombies? The one in the front seat.

  • In reply to bizkid888:


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    ...(sigh!)... alas, the Zombies search for brains on the CTA results in yet ANOTHER fruitless endeavor.

  • Rahm, Carole, and Forrest.

    Oh, I forgot, Carole doesn't ride the train.

    Apparently wasn't a 3200 from his neighborhood. Get him a 5000 and he'll have to sit next to the other two.

  • Zombies aren't as scary as Rahm's city council, no wonder he is so calm!

  • You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do killing zombies.

  • The only city bodyguards available after Daley & Burke's assignments?

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    "This is Hell. Doors open on the left, at Hell."

  • In reply to Michael Alper:

    But what's the next stop? Or is it like Howard "Hell is the last stop. All passengers must leave the train."

  • Mayor Emanuel checks in with staff on the progress of his new Being a Zombie Tax.

  • In reply to No, YOU’RE crazy:

    He's abolishing the Head Tax. If the shrunken heads are no longer being assessed, he has to tax something. The Zombies are not going to complain.

  • "This wasn't exactly what I wanted,when I said I was dying to meet the mayor."

  • While employees bought into Rahm's plan to use public transportation for city businesses,some foolishly ignored his wellness program.

  • When you want to look good,surround yourself with ugly people.

  • Rahm's Chicago soon became hell on Earth.

  • Chico supporters were dead to him.

  • James, you certainly are the most prolific caption writer today!

  • "We're consultants.When the mayor says he needs to find the best brains in Chicago to fill the budget gap,he wasn't kidding.


  • In reply to JamesReyes:

    Unfortunately, he can undoubtedly fricassee a few for far less than the $2 million the feds are paying.

  • Rahm's game of "Plants Vs.Zombies " suddenly took a turn for the worst.

  • Rahm's cell phone encountered a dead zone.

  • Nothing scares him after the "Disco Stu "hairdo he had in high school.

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    Chicago Dead get an early jump on voting this year.. Looks like Rahm beat them to it.

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    Alas, the zombies go hungry still in search of fresh brains.

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    This pic looks REALLY doctored. What are the chances of riding the same train in the same car with the same people?


  • In reply to Paul Aman:

    After being locked out for about 3 hours...

    ...anyway, I see your point, in that the guy two rows back looks the same. Whatever it is next to him appears to have been inserted.

    Thanks for informing us of the latest escapade of some Ministry of Disinformation.

  • Just another day at the office among the soulless.

  • Oh oh Rahm. Looks like ObamaCare has made things worse.

  • "Mr Emanuel, there are going to be many more of us around here if you don't get this thing turned around".

  • This is Rahm's answer to the City Morgue budget cuts.

  • After seeing what riff raff riders had to put up with on a daily basis,pro transit groups gave up on their dreams and bought everyone an SUV.

  • Just one of the guys!

  • Journalists.

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    Looks like "Occupy Chicago" gained some momentum

  • Real world related to the picture...

    ...WLS radio is reporting that the city Family and Support Commissioner told the city council, in response to a question about funds being cut for social workers on the night shift that "the homeless can get to the shelters riding CTA or a cab."

    So, it looks like da Mare will have more weirdos riding with him on the CTA.

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    The mayor is riding with dead beats.

  • Note to self: Need to hasten County Morgue’s request for funding to build new holding coolers.

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    barrack, the health care plan is not working out so well for chicago residents
    barrack, i thought i'd escaped lobbyists by coming to chicago. i was wrong.

  • There's a reason why I take the easy exit seat...

  • or
    Remember not make eye contact with the other passengers

  • More than skeletons are creeping out of the mayor's closet...............

  • "Mayor Emanuel meets with lobbyists from the powerful Chicago dead voter bloc."

  • Day 6. STILL stuck between Sedgwick and Chicago. Some of my fellow passengers have begun to decay, but the I Will Spirit keeps me going. Battery's running low. Hurry. And bring my toothbrush. Love, Rahm.

  • Upon further review,the tabloids changed the photo caption from " Rahm/Rob Zombie " to "Rahm Robs Zombies."

  • A mule, a ghoul, a fool, and an uncool dance school tool.

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