Video shows details for $10 million Loyola Red Line rehab

This CTA Connections video provides more details on the $10 million renovation of the Loyola Red Line station, including new kiosks, new flooring, viaduct repairs, plus a new entry plaza north of the current entrance.

Another $7.5 million will allow the CTA to conduct the environmental impact study for the Red-Purple Lines Modernization Project and for the extension of Red line service south from 95th Street to 130th.


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  • Again, does it eliminate that riduculous double platform?

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    then what's the point?

  • Probably the only real news on the CTA site is that they raised parking rates at various Park & Rides, but, not surprisingly, not at Garfield. I guess there was a bit of picking the low lying fruit as only 3 got daily rate increases.

    The press release talked about maximizing parking revenue, but not what one would suppose to be the purpose of Park & Rides, which is to encourage ridership. However, as previously indicated, maybe parking has become so expensive in the city (Sirott said about $31 a day in a garage) that $5/day for parking plus $5.50 a day (or less with a pass) for the L aren't a deterrent.

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    Over half the spaces at the Garfield lot aren't used, so raising the rate there wouldn't do anything but drive away users.

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    I figured that not even CTA was that dumb. My statement above was more like acknowledging the obvious.

    Apparently, people don't want to park under the L in Uptown, Pilsen, and Bronzeville at current rates, probably for similar reasons. Also, it seems pretty hard to park under the L between Lawrence and Thorndale (on the Sheridan to Thorndale rate chart), on an actuality basis. Maybe that means something else.

    Probably, the more interesting question is how they can assure that someone buying a monthly pass at, say, Kimball, will actually find a space? Maybe demand is off at the locations where monthly passes are being introduced, too.

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    I think there is no parking between Sheridan and Thorndale due to the there being no steel structure to park underneath. That method of construction essentially ends at Sheridan, so that 1 spot must be at the Sheridan S curve somewhere. It's funny that they bothered renting that 1 spot...

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    That's what I thought too, with regard to Lawrence and north so is it a matter of someone at CTA with a brain fart again?

    However, there is steel structure between Sheridan to north of Wilson.

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    Part of that area you're referring to is park I think and run by the Park District.

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    Well, then you are assuming that the CTA sold or gave away the Northwest Rapid Transit* property to the Park District.

    I'm sure that Anonymous will do the title search for you.

    However, this side discourse is not really relevant to whether there was a brain fart north of Wilson.

    *Original name of the owner about 1901.

  • A total waste of money!
    Any revamp of Loyola, which I've been using for over 50 years, that doesn't give it two separate platforms allowing boarding on all four tracks is insane.
    Right now, there is only one exit stairway there, even though it was built with two, but a previous incompetent CTA administration closed & then covered up the entrance/exit on the east side of Sheridan.
    The original station had four stairways!
    And if there isn't an entrance/exit from the west side of the station on Loyola Ave., even more insane!
    The bridge over Sheridan Rd. is a crumbling disaster waiting to happen, like all the other concrete bridges north of Lawrence Ave. It's also been hit by cars & trucks hundreds & hundreds of times over the years.
    So to rebuild this station without simultaneously replacing the bridge with a structure similar to that just built at Belmont, is again, more insanity.
    The complete, total, 100% lack of common sense at the CTA in regard to station rebuilding is appalling.
    The CTA also refuses to move the bus stops on the east side of Sheridan from the ridiculously far away one at Loyola, south of the viaduct to just north of the viaduct, which is directly opposite the entrance to the station & there's a traffic light to get people safely across Sheridan.
    Just stupid!

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    Since we are talking federal money, mostly given at Loyola's instance, apparently not as big as the stimulus to Solyndra, which turned out to be a half billion to a company on shaky financial footing to begin with, and now in bankruptcy court.

    Of course, this was announced with another $7.5 million for consultants for the same stretch of track, not that anyone was going to put 2+2 together.

  • Well this is good news. That viaduct is just plain scary. I hope they can get some funding and fix up Wilson as well.

  • In reply to Cheryl:

    The question there is whether Tarzhay and other supposed Wilson Yards development generate enough money for the TIF and the TIF is used for that purpose.

    Of course, if you believe that the subway or 3 track aerial structure is coming through there, then it is moot. But then, I don't think anyone other than the consultant getting the $7.5 million believes that.

  • Wait a minute.

    $10,000,000 to rebuild a station and $7,500,000 to decide if we are going to completely rebuild that section, including possibly tearing I all down and going underground?!?

    Am I seeing this right or did I miss something?

  • In reply to KevinG:

    Well, not *all* of the $7.5 million goes to Loyola. Some of it would be used for environmental impact studies for the south extension. And some would be used for the study on the the north end. And that study covers Belmont to Howard and the Purple Line. So you can't really say we're spending $7.5 million on Loyola study.

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    No, Kevin O',* you are missing something.

    Regardless of how much of the $7.5 million goes to any part of the study, if the study comes up with the solution that the subway plan should be used, then it was pointed out the first time this grant was raised that if the subway is going to run under Broadway, the portal at would have to be north of the overpass over Sheridan that is supposedly being rehabbed here. That is because at this point, Sheridan southbound becomes Broadway unless one turns left at Devon extended.

    So, whether the $7.5 million is wasted (I think it is), it is certainly inconsistent with this grant.

    *Too may Kevins here.

  • In reply to jack:

    Right, that's *IF* the subway plan is chosen. It's one of three viable plans and the most expensive.

    So, what do you do instead? Let the viaduct continue to deteriorate and fall down? And then will you be here saying later: "Well, I guess I was wrong when I criticized the CTA spending that $10 million." I doubt it.

  • In reply to Kevin O’Neil:

    IIRC the other options correctly, the "4 track express-local aerial" one involves tearing out everything between Jarvis and Addison, in this case building a two platform station at Loyola, and the "3 track" one at least calls for a similar tear out. So, this project is consistent only with the "fix as is" option...

    ...which I have previously said is the only viable one. They got some money to fix viaducts in Evanston, and they will be lucky to find same for the viaducts in Chicago, not the $1-3 billion extra the other plans involve. So, no, I wouldn't forego the $11 million grant to give Loyola a facelift, but I wouldn't have blown the $7.5 million, except to justify Option 1.

    This probably is no different than people posting 5 or 6 years ago why Skokie built the bus terminal in the path of the Yellow Line extension?Then the AA report said to tear out the Skokie Dempster station too, so they could build an L from south fo Dempster to Niles North. Of course, that engendered sufficient community opposition that nothing will be built, so the bus terminal is fine where it is.

    Have I made myself sufficiently clear? Or do I have to bore Bob S. further?

  • In reply to jack:

    We may never get the money for the modernization, so I think it's smart to fix columns and viaducts that are about to fall down.

  • In reply to Kevin O’Neil:

    So, I guess there is no disagreement, except to the merits of the $7.5 million to the consultants.

  • In reply to Kevin O’Neil:

    I probably should also carve out whatever part of the $7.5 million goes to the south extension, which is supportable, although with Congress being unable to pass a transportation bill, one has to wonder about all the AA stuff.,

  • btw, it's Sheridan Rd. not avenue.

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