Slight reprieve for seniors: CTA to give elderly a pass on reduced fares

The RTA and other transit agencies essentially waved a white towel Thursday, and announced they would let seniors ride free while they continue to educate them on the new reduced fare program.

“We will continue to have information specialists out on the street today, tomorrow and next week to make sure senior riders are familiar with the new procedure and to provide them with appropriate information and assistance when needed,” CTA spokeswoman Catherine Hosinski said in a Tribune story.

No date was given for how long the brief “transition” period would last, but probably not for more than a week.

We reported earlier about the problem the RTA has had with communicating about the change from free rides to reduced rides.

And to all you seniors: If you have the senior reduced fare pass, the CTA and other agencies would appreciate it if you used it.


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  • CTA would actually prefer that they drop the full fare into the farebox. However, the odds of that vs. using the free pass as long as possible are about 1:9996. Especially now with an indefinite grace period, there will be arguments with drivers once it is decided that the date has come. Remember the 83 year old guy who assaulted the driver in Chinatown, who just asked to see the free pass?

  • Amazing, get 6 months notice, then act stupid when the time comes, and you get your way. Amazing.

  • In reply to goldminetim:

    Claypool says he is such good friends with the dolt who is the Executive Director of the RTA, and was responsible for implementing this within 6 months of when the law became effective. Maybe one would have thought they would have conferred on this instead of going their separate ways.

    Nah, this is Chicago.

  • Just another example of how the Boomer generation is dragging us all down the economic sewer.

  • In reply to boofoochoochoo:

    We all float down here. But 83 year olds are not boomers. So spare us the inter-generational whine.

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