Show your transit independence on Chicagoland Car-Free Day Sept. 22

Your pledge to go car-free on Sept. 22 could win you a $100 gift card from REI to celebrate Chicagoland Car-Free Day this year.

CTA Tattler readers should have no problem making that pledge, so you might as well take a shot at the gift card too. The City of Chicago and Village of Skokie have both passed resolutions declaring Sept. 22 as Car-Free Day.

The Active Transportation Alliance has ideas on how to stay away from that steering wheel.

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  • More contests for rewards and more e-mail address harvesting. Also, be sure to vote for Paulie and Ethier (same concept).

  • I've been car free for some six years now out of choice and not because of a small bank account (for which I consider myself extremely lucky, given the plight of so many hardworking, smart people I know). While it has become more difficult to be car free in Chicago in the last few years, it still works for my partner and me, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

    So, where is my damn prize :)

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