Quick action avoids a CTA "home alone"

Here’s a guest post from James

I was heading south on Purple Line from Fullerton about 3:30 pm on Monday. I was in the last car of this run as the train pulled into Armitage station.

Two small children, a boy about 5 and a girl about 7, come running on to the train. The announcement came: “Doors closing.”

Then I heard from the platform frantic screaming – “Stop, stop!”

The two parents were pulling wheeled luggage, he with an extra backpack and she with a American Girl doll. I could see they were huffing to get on the train. So I jumped up from my seat near the door to block the doors from closing.

They made it onto the train, rejoining their two children. Once united, the father sighs, and exclaims, “This could have been a CTA ‘home alone.’ “

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  • Connecting this with the Wed. free rides, I thought in Chicago that Home Alone was some kid falling asleep on an Amanda's School Bus and being found on the bus in the yard 5 hours later.

  • Is this the same James (James Connelly) who guest-posted about his guided tour of Morgan station with Claypool?

    I'd love to hear how a rider could sign up for one of those guided tours with the CTA. I'm sure many of us have questions we'd like to have answered by the CTA boss.

  • In reply to Anonymous:

    I suggest that you look at the three installments of "Kevin Asks Forrest" and think whether you will get something responsive. But enjoy the ride, anyway.

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