Chicago Card "wallet" shows some marketing creativity

I was reminded by a tweet yesterday about how creative the CTA is with their Chicago Card marketing materials.

If you order a card by mail, it arrives tucked in a “folder” that resembles a wallet. You fold out the “wallet,” you come across other instructional materials. It really is very cool, as these photos by justinburt1 attest.


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  • I'm amazed at all the people that take their smart cards out of their wallets or purses to use them.
    Mine stays in the wallet & almost always works by just slapping the wallet against the farebox.
    The only time it doesn't work is with a few fareboxes that have problems or if I've put something in the wallet that blocks the radio signal. Apparently, the signal must go entirely through the card, because putting another card behind the smart card doesn't allow the smart card to work.

  • Almost always is the key phrase. I am the one standing behind you in the rain while you are in their slapping your wallet. So man up and whip it out.

  • In reply to symes4u:

    Or you could show patience and wait the few extra seconds...

  • In reply to cubicledad:

    Or, YOU can stop making the ENTIRE BUS wait while you slap you wallet at the machine. Ignorant twit.

  • In reply to DavidJ:

    David: I have scolded Scooter for name-calling on my blog, so I do the same for you. You could have ended your comment after the first sentence. Let's keep it civil here, please.

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