9/11 legacy for CTA: Increased video surveillance

The CTA marked the 10th aniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks with special ribbons festooning rail cars, poignant notes on message boards at stations, and increased security.

I saw two bomb-sniffing dogs working at Sox/35th before the White Sox lost 7-3 to the Indians. And police presence was strong at the Roosevelt Road stattion on the Red Line for the Bears home opener victory.

Meanwhile, it seems the biggest 9/11 legacy for the CTA is increased video surveillance, particularly at rail stations. The CTA used more than $22 million in Homeland Security funds to outfit all stations with about a dozen platform cameras and more in the boarding areas.

Those cameras have led to a number of arrests, and that’s a good thing. This weekend police released of photo from the Howard station of two men wanted in the murder of a disabled man walking on Howard Street in Evanston.

Here’s hoping the photo leads to their arrest.

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  • At least the guy caught on camera with the multicolor sweater who shot into a bus and killed a passenger got 70 years, according to the Tribune.

    The role of the video at trial was cited in the story, which also made the inference that his "fear" defense was no good, because he shot after he was out of the bus.

    Maybe that will deter others.

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