Vote by Friday for the best CTA app in Apps for Metro Chicago

Vote now for your favorite transportation app in the Apps for Metro Chicago contest. Voting is open until midnight this Friday, so don’t delay. And be sure and vote for a CTA-related app.

Here are some of the CTA-related apps:

TreKing – one app for four transit systems

TreKing is the only Android app to support all four major transit systems in Chicago. Whether you’re riding the CTA ‘L’ and buses through the city or riding Metra and Pace in the suburbs, this app has you covered. The app generates predicted arrival times for any of these systems, either using developer services like CTA’s Bus and Train Tracker for live data or publicly available GTFS data for estimated arrival times based on posted schedules.

Buster – a CTA bus and train tracker application

Buster is designed for the subset of transit users that use the service every day as their main mode of transit.  Favorite stops are accessed with one tap, and the interface is designed to be minimalist and quick to use.

Chicago Rider – transit tracking app

Real-time information means that you won’t have to wait forever in the rain for that late bus or miss it entirely because it was early. Chicago Rider has alarms that help you get to the bus on time and even wake you up from that nap when your stop is approaching. On-line schedules are updated as soon as the transit agencies publish them, so you won’t have to worry about out-of-date information.

CTA Social – a place to search public transportation and socialize

There are currently three core features as the services listed below.

  • CTA tracker, seamless service between bus and train.
  • Integrated yelp reviews using yelp web service.
  • Socialize through photo sharing and comments.

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