Transit etiquette: What's wrong with this photo?

This photographic masterpiece brings us a plethora of CTA no-no’s. Can you name them all?

A big hat tip to MrChrisKelly and TransitPeep.


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  • He's taking up too many seats. His bag is on a seat. There's a barefoot person. There's litter. Did I get them all?

  • He didn't run his Senior Free Fare card through the right reader?

    He should be more alert, or his iThing will be stolen?

    He's got something looped around his crotch, in violation of Ordinance # 59-032?

    Or it might be like report in the Sun-Times about the drunk who was arrested for, inter alia, being drunk with his kid on the Red Line at about 35th, not realizing that since he lived "on the 5900 Block of South Kostner" he should have transferred at Roosevelt for the Orange Line.

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    What's wrong in the picture is the person in the seat behind the man who's barefoot. Eeeeew!

    I wouldn't have a problem with an elder catching a nap on a bus which clearly has the seats to spare. If it were rush hour and the bus was packed with people standing, then he needs to sit up--but that's not the case in this photo.

  • He should be standing by the back door exit of the bus where all the other knuckleheads stand even when there are plenty of seats.

  • Taking two seats when there are four adjacent empty seats? no problem
    barefoot on the bus? e-e-e-w!

  • Taking photographs without permission?

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