Lollapalooza reroutes anger CTA riders on #14 Jeffrey Express

Riders were angrily calling for a CTA supervisor after waiting  more than an hour for a #14 Jeffrey Express bus. According to the YouTube narrative by Filmtress Tv, some people had to walk miles because reroutes for the bus were not posted along the route.

The CTA noted on its website that the bus would be rerouted, though you can’t expect riders to be looking there.

Thanks to Joe for the tip.


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  • This is all too common on the CTA. Signs are posted at the beginning and end of a reroute, but not the stops in between. Those passengers are just screwed.

  • This kind of lack of communication is par for the course. I had to explain to a bus driver the other day that free fares for all seniors was ending at the end of this month. He had no idea.

  • I have no idea what they're saying, but they sound justifiably angry.

  • Unless these folks staged this video, all it proves is that the riders on 14 have lost their decorum, and one had a camera.

    At least according to the official announcement, to which Kevin referred, the only change was that the bus would be on Michigan between Roosevelt and Balbo. Doesn't seem any reason to walk 10 blocks. It wasn't like the incomprehensible reroute via 31st and State during the Taste.

    There are other indications that Sheila and Noelle have taken the last month off, but this doesn't seem to be one.

  • "The CTA noted on its website that the bus would be rerouted, though you can't expect riders to be looking there."

    Hope Forrest Claypool is paying attention. This is part of the point we have been trying to make and that he said he understood.

  • In reply to CCWriter:

    Unless you rephrase it into his type of corporate linguistics, there is about as much chance of Claypool understanding it as Dilbert's pointy headed boss.

    Today's Dilbert wasn't relevant until your comment, but it became so.

    As far as Frank Claypool paying attention, I note that unlike Robling from the RTA, he didn't sign in to refute what we (probably I mean I) said about him. It makes no difference.

  • In reply to jack:

    I'll consult some of my former marketing colleagues and see if I can find a way to dress up the idea in tortured business jargon. In original English, it's that if there is something current passengers need to be informed of, the way to do it is not to use communication channels that are mostly not being used by the current passengers. Or, you can try that anyway, but don't claim you got the job done.

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