CTA-related surveys give you chance to speak out

There are two new CTA-related surveys you can take. One comes with the opportunity really let your voice be heard – and possibly win a gift card

Get a chance to win a $100 Visa gift card by participating in the Riders for Better Transit survey. The Active Transportation Alliance kicked off a campaign to organize Chicago riders to “fight for better public transportation in our communities. We serve as a voice for riders who want to boost transit funding and encourage transit-related projects that will benefit your community.”

That survey should take just 2-4 minutes.

Jack Newell posted on the CTA Tattler Facebook page that he is working on an art project that incorporates the CTA and the L in the loop, and is looking for feedback on his survey. So fill it out, if you’re so inclined.

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  • That Riders for Better Transit survey is a sad, sick joke!
    One of the questions is: "12. Please tell us about the most pleasant or helpful experience you’ve had while riding public transportation."

    Where's it's opposite, tell us about all the miserable & rotten experiences you've had while riding public transportation?

    This group is just a bunch clowns set up by the politicians as an attempt to draw public hatred away from them.
    Worthless, totally worthless!

  • "This group is just a bunch clowns set up by the politicians as an attempt to draw public hatred away from them."

    What is your proof of this? Active Trans has successfully lobbied for lots of biker rights. I expect they will do the same for transit riders.

  • In reply to Kevin O’Neil:

    I don't know about Scooter's assertion, one way or another. However, I can see from where he is going, based on what I said yesterday, either:
    (a) they aren't suggesting anything that the politicians haven't already suggested (after all Gabe Klein is supposed to be a big biker guy), or
    (b) Claypool isn't going to listen to anyone.

    Maybe the "chance" for a $100 Visa gift card is worth it (of course, to get the card, you would have to give them identifying information, which was another point I made yesterday) but not the lack of a chance to have an effect on politicians here. At least Dunkin Donuts gave you a free doughnut for filling out their survey. Panera Bread used to give $2 off, but now only a "chance" at $1,000.

  • In reply to Kevin O’Neil:

    I don't care one whit for biker rights, which are motorcycle riders.
    I do care about cyclist's rights, which are bicycle riders.
    But just because you lobby for rights means nothing unless the laws are enforced.
    As a bike rider, I guarantee you, they're not.
    Drivers still ignore you or worse, actually aim for you.

  • The Active Trans people are good at getting what they want. I'm happy they're going to lobby for transit improvements.

  • In reply to Cheryl:

    Tell us what they have gotten. And, I don't mean their metrics of a mailing list.

    Describe some specific projects that were done at their insistence that probably would not have been done otherwise.

    I'm not taking your or Kevin's assertions of their bona fides on blind faith.

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