CTA cameras paying off: Arrest comes two months after iPod theft

An 18-year-old South Side man was arrested Sunday after a CTA employee recognized him from a surveillance photo two months after the incident, the Tribune reports. From that report:

The man reported a group of four or five men took his iPod on June 9 while he was on the Red Line near the Clark/Division stop, prosecutors said. The man followed them onto the platform and offered them $30 if they would give the iPod back, but when he pulled the money out his wallet, one of the men punched him in the head and fled with the money. Chicago Transit Authority surveillance video shows the man chasing his assailants around the platform.

I love the chutzpah of the guy chasing his assailants around the platform. And it probably led to better photos of the alleged thief, Kenneth Parron.

The CTA has stepped up installation of at least a dozen cameras on platforms and in stations this year. And it’s paying off.


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  • I'm glad homeland security is finally working.

    In other news, Forrest "Kruesi" Claypool appeared in Dilbert again today.

    Hint: He's not Dilbert or Wally. However, the anonymous guy did exactly what Forrest did to Kevin.

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