Brown Line's Montrose stop: Rahm's entrance, iPad thieves' exit

Not too long after Mayor Rahm Emanuel boarded a Brown Line train at Montrose for his first 30-minute commute to City Hall, two thieves snatched an iPad from a rider and fled at the same Montrose stop.

Other passengers, the victim and police worked together to grab one of the bandits not too far away. That’s great news.

And it’s good for Rahm to be touting the benefits of convenient public transit.

We just all need to be more vigilant and help out when crime does occur on the CTA. I guess it also might be nice to have a security contingent with us on the CTA as Rahm does, but hey, we can’t have everything.


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  • You are not (even close) to the only blogger to snark about the personal security detail. Seriously? After Daley acted like taking the train somewhere was an event, you are already snarking a mayor who might actually commute to work?

  • In reply to dforgue:

    I don't think my snark was all that bad, but point taken. I did note that it's good for the mayor to tout the benefits of public transit.

  • In reply to dforgue:

    I think the only point was that Emanuel doesn't have to worry about having his iProduct stolen, unlike anyone who enters a half hour before or after.

  • maybe if we did like some stations in London, where you need a valid fare card TO EXIT would stop some of these punks. That only works if all exits are an actual door or vertical turn-gate. Personally, I think any of these S***heads who are caught should be dropped down the nearest sewer and forgotten. If their parent(s) don't care what they are up to, why should the rest of us.

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