Tempers flare, push comes to shove on Red Line crowded with Cubs fans

As I tweeted last night: “The only time I *really* hate the #CTA Red Line is at 5 pm northbound on nights of #Cubs games. Like right now.”

There was the usual crush of clueless Cubs fans and tourist Phillies fans at Grand/State on the Red Line. To make matters worse, Red Line trains were backed up. I still managed to squeeze on to the last car.

Just about all riders exhibited boorish behavior, including my biggest pet peeve: refusing to move off the train so other could exit.

By the time we got to Addison (finally!), I stepped off the train to let the madding crowds exit. I heard a commotion on the train in the doorway. A guy in his 60s was yelling at another guy in 50th: “Are you gonna get outta my way?!!”

I looked up, saw the bigger guy in his 50s step aside and then give the more feeble 60-year-old a hard shove, and the guy stumbles off the train with no no further altercation. Dude, chill out!


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  • Maybe that explains why the "use CTA" ads don't show up so frequently on WGN Cubs telecasts. Those looked dated, anyway, with the shots of 7500s on 154.

  • There were clueless awful people riding the Brown Line to the game as well yesterday. They thought they'd be getting off right next to Wrigley if they took that to the Addison stop, so all the commuters just let them do that.

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