Loyola station to get $18 million facelift, new entrance

The Loyola station on the CTA’s Red Line will get an $18 million makeover thanks in large part to $11 million in federal funds secured by Democratic U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin.

About $10 million will “allow for safe & dry maintenance that includes new windows, flooring, plaster, paint, lighting, bird control and water proofing, according to the Community Relations Department of Loyola University Chicago. “At the viaduct the CTA will strip seal the structural joints and repair the columns.”

The university also is pushing for the entrance to be moved to a newly created plaza north of the current entrance under the viaduct. the idea is to redirect passenger flow away from busy Sheridan Road. The new plaza is shown in the rendering below.

The station work is in design phase, and construction is scheduled to begin next year. I had heard about this in the spring, but the CTA wouldn’t comment on it. And curiously, there is no press release about this on the CTA site, even though Board Chair Terry Peterson attended the Monday event at the station.


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  • Discussed yesterday, so I won't comment on the merits, but

    "even though Board Chair Terry Peterson attended the Monday event at the station."

    The driver of that dead bus probably did too, and the appearance may have been just as meaningful.

    Scooter would suggest that you inform Noelle Gaffney, and maybe she will look into it.

  • Except that Noelle Gaffney would deny that the bus was dead, she would insist that the bus was deliberately shut down to save fuel & cut pollution.

  • Just FYI, this rendering was done by Loyola University's architects. It's Loyola's idea. So blame Loyola.

  • In reply to Kevin O’Neil:

    For what, the bus?

    Probably the draft was made while the bus was still alive.

    Or blame them for the inference that the subway is dead?

  • Bravo, great idea, but $18 million? Doesn't any of our politians question it?

  • There had better be an entrance/exit to the station from the west side of the tracks on Loyola Ave. Right now, the Loyola side is just a mess under the tracks.
    Due to the current configuration, I've missed trains several times while having to walk around the corner to get to the entrance.

    But right now, the CTA needs to eliminate the current bus stops at Arthur/Sheridan & Loyola/Sheridan [NE corner] & consolidate them at the SE corner of Loyola/Sheridan, which is right across the street from the entrance & even has a traffic light. The Arthur/Sheridan stop was moved south for the driveway of what's now called Fordham Hall & is a ridiculous walk to the station entrance.

  • In reply to ScooterLibbby:

    I haven't lived around there for about 35 years, so I can't comment on the specifics, but it seems like Loyola Station needs a secure drop off point for those transferring from the 155 bus.

  • In reply to jack:

    The southbound stop is great, right in front of the station, but the NB stop is a very long walk.

  • I applaud the CTA and Loyola University for working together to improve Loyola station.
    But, really, why can't resources be allocated to improve Wilson station?????
    This station was voted "crustiest" in a Red Eye poll recently.
    I commute from Loyola to Wilson daily. The Loyola station is comparatively luxurious (Dunkin Donuts & Mc Donalds vendors as well as station consessionaire, an ATM machine, WORKING add-value machines, attentive "customer service" workers).
    I would MUCH rather that the money be spent on making the Wilson less dangerous (reduce pitch of the stairs), more accessible (add an elevator), and easier to board trains (widen platform & repair holes).
    It would also be VERY NICE to have the "add value" machines at street level, so bus riders could bump the value on their CHGO cards without having to navigate the stinky useless fare-pay train entrance. AND, a place to get coffee or a newspaper, or a candy bar would be heaven.
    The Loyola station, at present, is UPPER CLASS in comparison to Wilson.
    Please, while upgrading Loyola, don't forget Wilson!!!

  • In reply to bizkid888:

    Why would you widen the Wilson platform?
    It's the widest on the line outside of the new Fullerton & Belmont ones.
    It's even wider than Howard.

  • In reply to bizkid888:

    I think Wilson station is a mess. If not for the station itself, the messed up track work and stubs from the long gone Wilson shops.

    However, if it appears (from comments such as that the sketch was done by Loyola's architects, and the demolition is on Loyola's property), I don't think you'll get the same from Truman College.

    The "Wilson Yards" project was supposed to result in redevelopment of the area, but so far seems only to have resulted in Target and Aldi,

    For that matter, I wonder how the old Goldblatt's building is going to anchor the neighborhood, now that Borders is out of business.

  • Wilson is located in an area that is a ghetto and there is Red Line service at Lawrence and Sheridan. Maybe it would be good to get rid of the Wilson Stop. Also, the CTA is low on funding, why would they invest 18 million on one station alone.

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