"Hot" CTA riders abound this week

On one of the hottest days of the year, we pay tribute to “hot” Chicagoans using the CTA. They were scouted and posted by Refinery29 in their post “24 Photos From Chicago’s Hottest Trains.”  But it was @CTA_CIA who suggested we really honor them this week as “hot.” Nice idea.

And then there’s the hot couple who got betrothed on the CTA. Um, wow.


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  • The first two look at least as described in Milkin It yesterday.

    If you are talking temperature, the subway is usually cooler (#2). I guess the "constant 50 degree" effect on which geo heating and cooling are based has some hold there. The real question is whether the A/C in the cars work and has any effect if the car is as packed as in your last post.

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