CTA in haiku: "Doors Closing!" = angry riders

Another in a series of CTA haikus by Jen Masengarb.

“Step In, Doors Closing!”
she screams and 800 folks
go to work angry

Chicago haiku no. 43 | January 2011

This haiku can be considered a corollary to my post earlier this week:

“All aboard! All aboard! ALL ABOARD! Use all 16 doors!”

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  • Well, since that happens at least once at every stop (sometimes two or three times), I guess everyone always goes to work angry :-)

    (a) an 8 car train is packed to the stated capacity of 1000, but I think then the other 200 are very angry, or

    (b) there are the usual inhabitants of hobo corner who don't go to work.

  • Heck, I forgot Metra riders. That announcement isn't there, and there have been other Rachel Barton type lawsuits since Rachel got judgment.

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