ChicagoNow comments will soon be in chrono order

All you folks who are begging for comments to be displayed in chronological order with threaded replies soon will have your wish fulfilled.

ChicagoNow’s community manager tells us bloggers that’s next up on the fix list.


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  • When is it going to remember me?
    I have to sign in every day, sometimes more than once even though I didn't shut down the computer.

  • In reply to ScooterLibbby:

    That's a good point, and to elaborate.

    The old system had a "remember me" checkbox, and filled the sign in information in fields in the web page.

    This one only has the floating sign in window, and does not autofill the e-mail and password in that floating window.

    I also have "Remember passwords for sites" checked in Firefox, but nothing prompts if I want to save this one.

  • I have asked the community manager about the login process and "remember me" feature.

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