Got earbuds? Got milk!

For some reason I am touched when I see buds sharing buds. It’s fun to see them mouthing words or critiquing the music. Of course, when one also enjoys her milk, it’s an even better image.

Got milk, got earbuds.jpg

(CTA Tattler photo)


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  • Neat! Perhaps she could be made aware of the rules:

    Medicine only. It's illegal to "consume any food or beverage, excluding medicines." Keep the Tylenol handy in the slow zones.

  • Good point Scott. And I'm impressed that you found that link so quickly. That was an informative post that I should put up here.

  • There's a more recent version of the conduct ordinance:

    Eating and drinking still prohibited. Although I would swear that the signs on the buses and trains only mention food and not beverages.

  • In reply to thepreacherswife:

    Correct. And Lee Crooks mentions only eating in his announcement.

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