Fireworks rules: Leave your bike at home, fold your stroller

In years past, I wrote about the fireworks rule for the big day: July 3. This year I write about the CTA special fireworks rules for two smaller days: Saturday and Monday – July 2 and 4.

And the fireworks are at Navy Pier both nights, not by Grant Park. Oh well, times change, and I really won’t miss being among 1,000,000.

Regardless of the day – or the projected number of people – the rules are the same. No bikes are allowed at all on CTA trains on July 2 and 4. And rider with strollers and cards must fold them on buses and trains.

I just wish the strollers rule was in effect every day – or at least during rush hour, just as the CTA bans bikes on trains during rush hour.

Increased rail, bus service for fireworks

From the CTA release:

On Saturday, July 2 – longer trains will operate on all CTA
rail lines and hours of service will be extended on the Yellow Line
until approximately 1 a.m.

On Monday, July 4 – longer trains will operate from late
afternoon until the end of service on the Green, Orange, Purple and Pink
Lines. Longer trains will operate on the Blue and Red lines until
approximately midnight. The Yellow Line will operate until approximately

Following the fireworks, CTA customers at Navy Pier
will be directed to buses awaiting them at the circular drive at the
Pier. Having a dedicated space for buses will help CTA to board
customers quickly and help mitigate congestion.

The following routes that regularly serve Navy Pier will provide extra
service on both July 2 and July 4 for one hour after fireworks end or as
crowds warrant: #29 State, #65 Grand, #66 Chicago, #124 Navy Pier.
Regular service hours will be in effect along these routes on July 2 and
on a Sunday schedule on July 4.

Additional bus service also will be provided on the following routes: #3
King Drive, #4 Cottage Grove, #6 Jackson Park Express, #12 Roosevelt,
#20 Madison, #22 Clark, #56 Milwaukee, #60 Blue Island/26th , #126
Jackson, #146 Inner Drive/Michigan Express, #147 Outer Drive Express and
#151 Sheridan.


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  • I don't mind open strollers ... when there is room.

    I think the rush hour ban might have some merit, but is that like banning parents with kids during rush hour? I saw a video or news story somewhere where the CTA said strollers are allowed but use good judgment.

  • In reply to breakthru:

    Sorry - I didn't mean a ban. I meant the same rule should apply as during July 4 holiday. Parents should fold them up.

  • In reply to Kevin O’Neil:

    It's really easy to fold up a stroller on the CTA - when you have two parents traveling with one kid. Otherwise, it's kind of a nightmare. Where in the devil are you supposed to put the kid(s) while you're folding it? Don't say on the seat, because fellow CTA riders don't give seats up for small kids, or parents wearing babies in a carrier, or pregnant women. And then where in the heck do you put the stroller?

    In other words, this really translates to: don't take kids on the CTA.

  • In reply to amcbr:

    My wife and I both took our infant/toddler daughter on the train a lot when she was young. It was mostly my wife. She used an umbrella stroller that was easy to fold. She usually had it folded by the time the train was approaching.

    Frankly, if everyone used an umbrella stroller on the train and bus instead of the gigantic Gracos and whatever that take up the space of two-plus people, you probably wouldn't even need to fold up the umbrella stroller.

    Also, I would hope that someone on the train would offer to assist as well, but that's probably too much to ask.

  • In reply to Kevin O’Neil:

    I don't really have a choice in terms of type of stroller. I have a preemie who came 9 weeks early and I don't own a car. Also, to think that anyone would get up for me when I was pregnant was ridiculous. The people who sat up front were almost without fail overweight or young or both.

  • In reply to amcbr:

    I always give up my seat for small children. They don't always remember to hang on to something, and I don't want to watch them go whizzing through the air.

    But then I offer my seat to anyone who looks like they need to sit down--pregnant women, the elderly, people wearing scrubs...

  • In reply to Cheryl:

    Apologies, Cheryl - I should have worded it "fellow CTA riders don't *always* give up their seats". There are indeed wonderful people out there, such as you!

  • In reply to amcbr:

    No worries, AM. You should thank my parents for teaching me transit manners.

  • In reply to Cheryl:

    Cheryl, I offer my seat to same people you mentioned, except for people wearing scrubs ?? I think that them sitting down on the dirty cloth seats would transfer all sorts of unkown germs to their scrubs and then they go to work in a supposed clean environment with soiled scrubs. I do remember there was a big bruhaha about this awhile ago.

  • In reply to breakthru:

    Bikes should be banned 365 days out of the year.

  • In reply to breakthru:

    Bikes should be banned 365 days out of the year.

  • In reply to ibilldavis:

    Well, so much for Gabe Klein's idea of eco-friendly mix mode transit, including bikes.

    I don't see bike racks on the front of an L train, but I suppose you can be Marie Antoinette and tell them to ride bus.

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