CTA Bus Tracker offline late tonight for software upgrades

OK all you late Friday-night partiers: Prepare now to survive without CTA Bus Tracker to guide you home tonight after 11 p.m.

Bus Tracker will be offline from 11 p.m. tonight till about 5 a.m. Saturday for software upgrades.

“CTA is making the upgrades in order to improve the accuracy of the
estimated arrival information for buses, particularly as they pull out
from terminals and garages to begin their routes,” according to the press release.


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  • It would have been nice if they could have set it to auto respond with something a little informative. "Bus-tracker is currently down for upgrades. Sorry for the inconvenience." instead of: "Error EC0028: Operation timed out after 15 seconds with 0 bytes received"

    Real classy CTA.. #facepalm

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