Suicide suspected in death of cop who shot man at CTA Red Line station

A Chicago police officer who shot and killed an unarmed man in 2003 at the 95th Street Red line terminus was found dead in his home Thursday. Suicide is suspected.

Here are details of the 2003 shooting and subsequent lawsuit from the Tribune report:

In March 2003, Michael Pleasance, 23, of Justice, was shot in the head on the 95th Street CTA Red Line station.

At the time, police officials said Pleasance struggled with Weems and tried to take away his gun. But a year and a half later, the judge in the Pleasance family’s civil lawsuit ordered the release of the CTA security camera video.

Police officials then revised their account and said Pleasance was approaching Weems, as if to attack him. But the video showed no contact was made before Weems opened fire.

In a December 2006 deposition, Weems admitted he did not fear for his life when he shot Pleasance and did not believe the shooting was justified. But Weems said the shooting wasn’t intentional, city officials have said.

A jury awarded Pleasance’s family $12.5 million in December 2007, but an appellate court overturned that award in 2009. In March, the City Council’s Finance Committee recommended that $3 million be paid to Pleasance’s family. Shortly thereafter, that money was granted to them, court records show.

This is a sad ending to an equally sad and tragic incident on the CTA.


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  • Of course this is sad.

    However, ever since the Rodney King incident, and numerous ones ever since, can't police officers figure out that they can no longer make up stories when there are cameras all over the place. They don't just capture images of suspects.

  • Yes, it's much worse & no one seems to know why.
    What's truly baffling is that trains I've been on that are being expressed don't seem to have to go slow through slow zones.

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