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Claypool shares ideas on luring new CTA riders, fixing budget problems, BRT

CTA President Forrest Claypool hinted at his own priorities for his first months on the job during an interview with the Tribune published Monday. Though Claypool was a little coy and careful not to criticize the previous CTA president, he did touch on many of the issues we wrote about yesterday and that you noted... Read more »

The L Challenge: A Brit's thoughts on the CTA as he rides every train line, station

Adham Fisher from Great Britain took the "L Challenge."
Editor’s note: Following is the detailed story of a Brit who came to Chicago to ride every L rail line through every station in record time. The only problem is there is no official recorded record time. And Adham Fisher is quite accustomed to competing to break the record in London’s Tube Challenge. I love... Read more »

Rodriguez and former CTA top advisor get key jobs under Mayor Emanuel

Ex-CTA President Richard Rodriguez has landed solidly on his feet as Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s environment commissioner. And Theresa Mintle, the chief of staff to CTA Board Chair Terry Peterson, was tapped by Rahm to be his own chief of staff. So the good news is there are now at least three close Rahm advisors and... Read more »

The CTA voyeur just sees second-floor blur

Here’s another in our series of CTA haikus by Jen Masengarb. evening train is blurthousand kitchen windows glowglimpse of your home life Chicago haiku no. 67 | May 2011

What Claypool's top priorities should be for his first 100 days at the CTA helm

New CTA President Forrest Claypool Welcome to the CTA, President Forrest Claypool. Congrats to you too, Mayor Emanuel. I wish you both the best. There’s plenty for Claypool to do at the CTA, and his first order of business is to get to know his management team and understand CTA’s day-to-day and long-term financial picture,... Read more »

CTA President Rodriguez gets his say on his last day on the job

Today is the last day on the job at 567 W. Lake St. for CTA President Richard Rodriguez- assuming he’s not taking a final vacation or furlough day, Outgoing CTA President Richard Rodriguez. (Tribune photo) As I wrote Wednesday: I think Rodriguez did about the best he could do given the economic conditions he ruled... Read more »

Next-bus arrival screens to enlighten riders at 1% of bus stops

There may be fewer craned necks hanging over sidewalks at 160 CTA bus stops, as they will soon have digital screens displaying next-bus arrival times to consult. The 160 stops represent just over 1% of the CTA’s nearly 12,000 bus stops. Digital signs like this one at the University of Illinois will be installed at... Read more »

Rating Rodriguez: How the outgoing prez ranks on key values

CTA chief Richard Rodriguez today probably will participate in his final CTA board meeting as president. Next Monday, Rahm Emanuel will be sworn in as Chicago’s new mayor, and the mayor-elect already has selected his entire “cabinet,” including Forrest Claypool as the CTA president. Claypool still needs to be approved by the CTA board and... Read more »

Confronting CTA boorish behavior - very carefully

Confronting CTA boorish behavior - very carefully
A friend of mine – and regular CTA Tattler contributor of stories, photos and videos – shared a New York Post column about a reporter who freaked when he saw a guy on the MTA clipping his fingernails. Would you confront this woman about her boorish behavior? (Photo by Tovi) He freaked out so badly... Read more »

Daley's rich legacy includes six different CTA presidents - with varying degrees of success

Daley's rich legacy includes six different CTA presidents - with varying degrees of success
As Mayor Richard Daley ticks down his last seven days as mayor, let’s review the legacy of his 22 years of choices for CTA president. I shamelessly steal this idea from this Sun-Times report: “Daley’s appointees ranged from good to bad to embarrassing.” 1989-1992: Daley retained Alfred Savage as president when he is inaugurated in... Read more »