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Empty seat + crowded train = good reason

Here’s another in a series of CTA haikus by Jen Masengarb. crowded evening trainempty seat while riders standalways good reason Chicago haiku no. 66 | May 2011 *************************Follow CTA Tattler at my new Twitter page. Post your Crazy Commuting Story on the CTA Tattler Facebook wall. And like me!

Tour the L on bike ride led by CTA expert

What better to tour Chicago’s L than via a bike ride led by L expert Greg Borzo, the author of “The Chicago ‘L’.” T Greg Borzo (Chicago Tribune photo by Alex Garcia) he ride, sponsored by the Chicago Cycling Club, will start at 9:30 a.m. on Saturday, July 2, in the Loop. The bike tour... Read more »

Ideas for fixing public transit start with more RTA power, control

CTA President Forrest Claypool has completed two-plus weeks on his new job. I heard he’ll be in Washington, D.C., this week to talk about CTA capital funding needs for new projects such as the Red Line extension and for basic maintenance for the rail lines. Sounds like the perfect time to restart the conversation on... Read more »

At least the peanuts are in a neat pile on CTA's Red Line

Will the slob who left these peanut shells on CTA Red Line Monday please reclaim them? Seriously folks, we all need to look in the mirror first before we criticize the CTA for being dirty. Let’s all try a little harder to clean up after ourselves. Oh, and perhaps scenes like this one are what... Read more »

Branson takes Virgin ride on Blue Line; 2 riders reap ticket benefit

Sir Richard Branson, owner of Virgin Airlines, rode the Blue Line from O’Hare Airport Wednesday,. and surprised two CTA passengers with free flight vouchers. The delighted commuters, Chicago residents Jenny Oshenon (center) and Amy Peters, were the “only two regular folks who got on his train car,” the Sun-Times reported. Virgin Airlines ads dominated the... Read more »

CTA in haiku: The misplaced elbow caresses an ear

Here’s another in a series of CTA haikus by Jen Masengarb. This time Jen captures in 17 syllables the moment we rail riders we have all experienced. crowded morning trainSir, your elbow’s in my facehang on, play Twister Chicago haiku no. 15 | May 2010 *************************Follow CTA Tattler at my new Twitter page. Post your... Read more »

Rodriguez gifts Claypool with budget $9 million in black so far this year

Former CTA President Richard Rodriguez left the transit agency in decent shape financially for new boss Forrest Claypool. For the first quarter of 2011, the CTA found itself $9.1 million in black, primarily due to lower operating costs compared to budget, according to a May board report. Lower labor costs accounted for almost two-thirds of... Read more »

How to handle a woman who theatens you with assault on the CTA

On Monday I shared tips on “What to do if you have problems with mentally ill, homeless on the CTA.” Now I realize I should have covered what to do if a belligerent woman gets in your face and threatens to assault you. That’s what a guy on the Red Line faced earlier this year.... Read more »

The L Challenge in review: Final thoughts on the CTA system, idiosyncracies

Editor’s note: Last week I published a two-part series recounting the efforts of a British rail enthusiast to ride every CTA train line through every station as quickly as possible. Read Part 1 from Thursday and Part 2 from Friday. Today, that intrepid Brit Adham Fisher shares final thoughts on his short but many-miles-long visit.... Read more »

The L Challenge Part 2: "Miniature train highway" and bad bus connections

Editor’s note: The following is Part 2 in the detailed story of a Brit who came to Chicago to ride every L rail line through every station in record time. Be sure to read Part 1 first. The “miniature train highway”Just as impressive is when the Brown joins the Red just before Fullerton to form... Read more »