Empty seat + crowded train = good reason

Here’s another in a series of CTA haikus by Jen Masengarb.

crowded evening train
empty seat while riders stand
always good reason

Chicago haiku no. 66 | May 2011

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  • Doesn't say what it is, though. Doubt that it is saving it for an elderly passenger. Maybe it is because of Monday's peanuts in expectation of an elephant.

  • Ha! That was one of the first lessons I learned after moving here 7 years ago (today!). It really only takes one time sitting in something - anything - undesirable to not make the same mistake again.

  • In reply to erincinco:

    I'm still very grateful to the lady who saw me about to enter the empty hobo corner on a Red Line train several years ago and held out her hand to stop me, while saying, "You do NOT want to go in there, Honey. Trust me!" And I didn't even have to see why...I smelled why. Thanked her kindly and stood there holding my breath until I could escape at the next stop. Let's just say there was a crappy situation. Awful.

  • In reply to scottknitter:

    "Let's just say there was a crappy situation."

    As journalists often say "literally" or "figuratively?"

  • In reply to scottknitter:

    @Jack: I did ask Jen why, and she said in the adjacent seat a person was "yelling out strange phrases and the occasional obscenity."

    You know, the usual reason, aside from what Scott cited.

  • In reply to Kevin O’Neil:

    Thanks. I guess not what erin and scott implied. However, none of the above makes CTA inviting to the discretionary traveler.

    Of course, based what was in the news this morning, going to the beach no longer seems like a good idea, either.

  • In reply to scottknitter:

    Hobo really? How frigging rude is that? Instead of holding your breath and getting off the train, must not have to be anywhere at a particular time, have a bit of compassion for those less fortunate. I'm sure s(he) was really happy to be in the dire circumstances they were in - and I'm sure their nose worked as well.

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